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Rethink your packaging and formula

We continuously develop renewable and circular solutions for a variety of industries. With a rising consciousness and interest in safe, high-quality cosmetics, consumers are demanding also more sustainable solutions for their personal care products. Neste RE enables us to cut significant amounts of virgin fossil raw materials used today to produce plastics and chemicals: it enables a future where cosmetic packages can be made more sustainably. 

A more sustainable option for cosmetics

Polymers and chemicals play an important role in cosmetics and personal care applications. They contribute to safe and high-performing formulas as well as convenient and brand-enhancing packaging. As consumer consciousness is rising, demands for more sustainable solutions increases.

Neste RE is a drop-in solution for plastics and chemicals production, made from 100% recycled and renewable materials. The polymers maintain the same properties as their counterparts made out of crude oil while reducing the climate impact. It is an option for conscious brands, looking for more climate-friendly ways to create high-quality products.

Neste RE is an alternative for producing plastics with reduced climate impact and without the need to compromise on product performance or shelf appeal. Neste RE is a pure, high-quality feedstock that can safely be used in polymers production, even for sensitive and high performance plastic applications.