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Companies that want to reduce their emissions need sustainable aviation fuel to reach their climate targets. Also, they need ways to report on progress. Companies worldwide are pursuing this by setting Science-Based Targets (SBTs) through the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With Neste MY SAF for Business, Neste offers both a today’s solution for sustainable aviation fuel, and the tools for reporting on reducing emissions from business travel.

Neste MY SAF for Business

Neste MY SAF for Business is a tailored solution to reduce organizations’ business travel emissions. This solution offers real, immediate, and significant emission reductions instead of relying on carbon offset programs. It helps companies reach their climate targets (Scope 3) and enables them to establish a sustainable travel program for their employees. Neste MY SAF for Business is an end-to-end solution covering purchasing physical delivery of our sustainable aviation fuel to our partner airlines, plus robust reporting. Neste’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) emission reduction transaction model has been audited by SGS Germany GmbH. Click here to download the Audit Statement.


Neste MY SAF for Business helps companies...

Reduce GHG emissions

Reduce GHG emissions

Neste's sustainable aviation fuel helps companies drastically reduce their GHG emissions.
Report on emissions

Report on emissions

Neste provides companies with easy to understand, credible reporting and communication tools, in line with SBTi-formatting.
Meet climate goals

Meet climate goals

Neste MY SAF for Business is a simple and scalable solution that helps companies meet their climate targets.

Follow these 3 easy steps to reduce emissions from flying and meet your climate targets

To reduce emissions from your air travels and meet your climate targets:


Determine and share your carbon footprint and reduction targets with Neste


After establishing how much sustainable air fuel is needed, we will deliver SAF to the airlines your company flies with, around the world.


Receive credible reporting that enable reporting on your climate commitments

Want to know more about our sustainable aviation fuel?

Download our free guide on how to reduce emissions from air travel

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