4 December 2013

Sachtleben – Great solutions with small particles

Customer case

Customer: Sachtleben

  • Industry: Chemicals, titanium oxide pigments
  • Net sales: approx. MEUR 300 in Pori
  • Personnel: 550

Sachtleben’s plant in Pori buys large quantities of LPG and sulfur for its processes, and is a major Neste Oil customer. Both products are supplied by road from Porvoo and Naantali.

Sachtleben does not produce consumer products, its pigments go instead to customers such as paint manufacturers, cosmetics producers, food companies, and the pharmaceutical industry. The white color of the synthetic fibers used in fabrics, for example, is produced using titanium oxide. The company’s innovations cover numerous different areas, such as self-cleaning surfaces, anti-fogging systems, bacteria-free surfaces, and photocatalytic water and air purification.

Pigments developed by Sachtleben ensure high coverage and reflective properties in paint applications, for example, and enable high-quality surfaces to be achieved using less paint; while UV titanium oxide from Sachtleben protects against UV radiation in skin creams.

Sachtleben is Neste Oil’s third-large LPG customer. Heating oil was replaced with propane at the company’s Pori site back in 1986 and is used to dry en-products, for example. In addition to Pori, Sachtleben has plants in Krefeld and Duisburg in Germany. Around half of output goes to customers in Europe and the other half to customers around the world.