28 May 2011

Sustainability in action: Neste Oil headquarters takes the environment into account

The goal of Neste Oil is to reduce its environmental impact through responsible operations, and Neste Oil also wants to keep this promise with regard to its headquarters. The company has been included in the Green Office environmental system since 2008. The WWF grants the Green Office environmental label to offices that are committed to abiding by environmentally sound operating methods in daily office tasks. The main idea of the Green Office environmental program is for offices and their employees voluntarily to undertake to do their best to benefit the environment according to the principle of continuous improvement. Neste Oil wants to set an example to encourage others to introduce ecologically effective solutions and environmentally sound operating models.

Using green electricity and taking the environment into account in business trips are examples of the environmentally sound operating policies that Neste Oil has in place. In addition, all drivers of company cars are obligated to attend training that focuses on economical driving habits

For easier assessment of environmentally sound operations, Neste Oil has also introduced different indicators that evaluate the operations, such as the level of vehicle emissions and paper consumption. The indicators used have been defined in the company's environmental program. The indicators are monitored and the goal is to actively improve their results.