18 July 2012

Sustainability in action: Neste Oil Suisse volunteered to help underprivileged people

Twice a year large containers through which people can donate non-perishable food products and hygiene items appear in front of supermarkets in Geneva. These containers are part of “Saturday of Partage” event organized by charity organization called Partage. This year Neste Oil Suisse took part in Partage's charity event by donating 180 hours of its work contribution. 17 employees from Neste Oil’s Geneva office participated in this volunteering project by sorting and dispatching food and hygiene items at Partage’s warehouse, where all donations made at the supermarket entrances are delivered. At the warehouse, all products are being sorted and distributed onwards to over 60 charities that offer about 1,600 free meals every day.

In Geneva, several multinational companies propose their employees a possibility to participate in volunteering projects, and also Neste Oil wanted to offer this chance to its employees. Partage was selected as Neste Oil’s charity partner because its operations that promote well-being in society and sustainable development are in strong accordance with Neste Oil’s values. In addition to “Saturday of Partage” event, Partage collects on a daily basis approximately 9 tons of perishable unsold food from the local supermarkets, bakeries and so on. Collecting food items is done by using electrical tricycles. Partage is a self-financing organization, and its operation is financed by collecting recyclable material, such as paper and PET.

Employees of Neste Oil's Geneva office working as volunteers at
Partage's warehouse.