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Developing our people

We seek for the best professionals and provide our people a safe workplace and opportunities to develop their competences. The basis for the people's development is to support business objectives in the short and long term. In an increasingly challenging and evolving business environment, growth and continuous learning of our people is crucial. 

Learning from experience and people

Hands-on learning is one of the most essential and efficient ways of developing the skills of our people. Taking part in projects and development initiatives, job rotation and assignments abroad offer opportunities for personnel to increase professional skills and experience. In addition to experiential learning, our people are supported with development programs and training. 

Everyone at Neste has regular one-to-one discussions with their line managers to get the clarity, support and empowerment they need to do their job well and develop further. Forward discussions offer moments to cover such topics as competences and development, wellbeing, values and short and long time career goals as well as review of the status of performance goals.