Developing our people

We seek for the best professionals and provide our people a safe workplace and opportunities to develop their competences. The basis for the people's development is to support business objectives in the short and long term. In an increasingly challenging and evolving business environment, growth and continuous learning of our people is crucial. 

Learning from experience and people

Hands-on learning is one of the most essential and efficient ways of developing the skills of our people. Taking part in projects and development initiatives, job rotation and assignments abroad offer opportunities for personnel to increase professional skills and experience. In addition to experiential learning, our people are supported with development programs and training. 

Everyone at Neste has regular one-to-one discussions with their line managers to get the clarity, support and empowerment they need to do their job well and develop further. Forward discussions offer moments to cover such topics as competences and development, wellbeing, values and short and long time career goals as well as review of the status of performance goals. 

We believe in continuous learning, and in addition to experiential learning, our people are supported with development programs and training. See below a few examples on how our programs are designed to support our people and the business.

At Neste, we are all leaders

As Neste is pursuing its ambitious strategic goals it sees the importance of leadership development playing a key role. Neste states all employees of the company are leaders, either by leading others, themselves and / or in matrix, ie. in projects. To support this, Neste has a tailored leadership model built around its values, and linking learning opportunities such as development programs are available.

Neste`s key program for leadership development is called “We Lead”, and it is targeted towards all Neste employees, having separate versions for both direct line managers as well as for experts without direct subordinates. The content of the program is designed to support building of competencies to successfully lead at Neste to reach the ambitious strategic goals and to ensure the success and wellbeing of Neste employees. We Lead is designed to bring people together to learn about leadership at Neste, to share knowledge with each other, to form peer group networks and to reinforce the feeling of belonging.

Neste Intrapreneur Accelerator program

Neste Intrapreneur Accelerator is a learning program designed to build an entrepreneurial mindset and to teach methods for efficient development of an idea into a business concept. The program builds skills to identify and investigate new business opportunities and to have a more validated approach to problem solving. The lenses used in the program are: desirability, viability, feasibility and sustainability. As it strengthens the participants' capabilities to use best practices related to innovation (such as utilisation of common tools, methodologies and templates) it helps Neste to have a stronger culture of independent decision making and therefore create a more systematic and agile way of doing business. 

There are Neste related cases to go through the journey from problem identification all the way to pitching the solution, and the learning journey is divided into 5 parts: scoping, problem exploration, solution development, business model definition and pitch design.