Contractor safety

Contractors are an integral part of Neste’s value chain. Neste expects from its Contractors an uncompromised commitment to safety, high quality and deliverables as well as compliance with agreed delivery schedules. Our supplier management process provides a framework for managing contractors working on Neste facilities. The process defines how suppliers are pre-qualified and audited, selected and measured based on their performance. Collaborative meetings between Neste and contractors, reciprocal feedback and continuous improvement based on defined actions are the cornerstones of cooperation. Safety is an integral part in all phases of the Contractor Management process. All incidents to contractors working at Neste sites are investigated and included in Neste safety statistics.

As a company, we are committed to professional, fair and equal business and we expect the same from our business partners and contractors. We only work with business partners who comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 

We ensure that contractors are able to work safely and are informed of any risks related to the work conditions. This is ensured through training and contractual health, safety and environmental requirements. A written risk assessment is always jointly prepared for high-risk work, agreeing on the measures required for safe work.

We ensure through collaboration, training and permit practices that work is planned and scheduled correctly and all workers know the hazards related to the conditions and are able to follow the safe working practices.

To ensure safety, open communications and collaboration to correct any defects are highly important.

Read more from the Neste Supplier Code of Conduct.