Product safety

We want to make sure that our products are safe to handle throughout their life cycle – from innovation to recycling. Naturally, our products also meet both national and international regulatory requirements.

Informing customers about product safety

Majority of the products we sell are classified as hazardous substances or mixtures. Due to their hazardous nature, compliant and up-to-date information to customers with package labeling is considered extremely important. Part of chemicals related information flow is taking care of all required notifications to the authorities and agencies when necessary.

We always make sure that the information required for the safe handling of products is made readily available to our customers. We inform our customers about product safety through Product and Safety Data Sheet sent to the customer and available through Neste websites.

Safe chemicals management

The European Union's chemical Regulation (REACH) aims to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment. All chemicals we produce and import are in compliance with REACH Regulation as required. In countries outside the EU there are corresponding chemicals legislations in force and we follow those carefully to make sure that we are always in full compliance at all operations.

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