Sustainability related risks and opportunities

Our operations are associated with a number of sustainability-related risks and opportunities. We aim to identify these threats and opportunities and to proactively prevent or enable them. Communication regarding the most important risk issues takes place along the strategic planning and performance management cycle. Sustainability risks are managed as one category in our quarterly risk reviews. 

More information on our climate-related risks and opportunities, environmental risks, potential adverse human rights impacts, and risk of corruption and bribery is included in our Non-Financial Statement in the Annual Report.

Sustainability provides business opportunities

Sustainability means opportunities to us because we are in the business of fighting climate change. Renewable fuels are one of the most significant ways of addressing the increasing need for energy in transportation and aviation, which creates growth opportunities for our business. Our proprietary NEXBTL technology also offers growth in other applications besides the transport sector, such as the polymers and chemical industries.

We report on our most significant sustainability-related risks annually in our Annual Report and its Review by the Board of Directors.