17 June 2015

We are now simply Neste

For ten years you have known us as Neste Oil. From now on we are Neste.

Changing our name is not a huge deal. One might say it is mostly a matter of printing new business cards. It is the changes that lie behind this decision that are important to grasp.
We are a lot more than a conventional oil company. Where others drill underground, we seek growth from raw materials considered to be waste. For us, going forward means developing the world’s best fuels and finding new ways of using our renewable products.

That is why we decided that it is time to drop the Oil from our company name, even though we will continue to be a significant player in the oil refining business.

A forward Attitude

We are fostering a Forward attitude that affects everything we do. It means even better customer focus and cooperation. It means that for us, the only way is forward. We want to develop a more sustainable future, and we hope that we can provide you with the same enthusiasm that we are experiencing inside Neste.