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Neste to reveal a radical step forward in personal entertainment: mind-controlled earphones

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29 August 2016 at 9.30 am (EET)

Neste to reveal a radical step forward in personal entertainment: mind-controlled earphones


The world is poised on the brink of a technological revolution; rapid progress in brain mapping technology means that the ability to control devices with our minds is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Neste's ThinkEar earphones are a bold entertainment concept that offers thought-controlled personal audio.

Making full use of the latest developments in brain wearables, the earphone's integrated 5 point EEG sensors are able to read your brainwaves while an integrated microcomputer translates them into interaction commands to navigate your audio content.  

ThinkEar offers users the least intrusive levels of interaction imaginable and, unlike other systems, the earphones are not tethered to any external device. They can be connected to secondary devices via Bluetooth Smart but are also able to access your favorite cloud services directly.

The production of the earphones will take optimization for additive manufacturing to the next level. The custom-fit outer shell will be printed directly around an electronics/audio module and will feature seamless transitions between areas with varying properties, ranging from rigid to flexible, or resistive to electrically conductive.

Vote for a better future

ThinkEar is a part of Neste's innovation driven Pre-order the Future project that explores the potential that renewable materials and technology have to offer society sustainable alternatives in the near future. The project also aims to raise awareness and create conversation about our planet's cleaner future.

The inspiration for the Pre-order the Future project came from the firm belief that a company can only move into the future by looking ahead, not behind. As the world's leading producer of waste-based renewable fuel, Neste is uniquely placed to play a leading role in examining concepts that could help to build a better future for our planet.

The Pre-order the Future project focuses on product and service ideas within five topics: public spaces, entertainment, travel, learning, and mobility. All concepts are currently under public vote on the project website. The winning concept will be announced in October 2016 and a real prototype of it developed shortly after.

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