The climate is changing, but how?

The climate change touches the whole planet. Solutions have to be sought together, because the effects of our shared problem vary: Finland will have to get used to winters without snow, California will be increasingly affected by hurricanes. The threat of desertification causes worry in Africa, the extinction of animals in South-America.

EduCycle teaches through play and experiment how climate change effects – and how it can be fought. Neste will give EduCycle, an educational augmented reality game, to 10 Finnish schools. Each school will also be paired up with a school that is located in a country where the effects of climate change are shown in a different way.


EduCycle was developed under Pre-order the Future, Neste’s forward-looking research project. Neste will donate EduCycle to 10 schools in Finland and their partner schools abroad. The schools will exchange their experiences and thoughts about climate change.

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EduBlocks are the tokens of the game.The 3D printed and AR tagged blocks all represent factors that impact the environment’s CO2 levels.

Game Board

A physical game board that represents the gaming environment. EduBlocks are placed on the map and scanned in order to finalize the choices.


The augmented reality application where choices come alive. Children can choose which tokens to place on the game board and see how their actions affect the augmented reality game.