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Sustainable mobility data

Sustainable mobility data


Despite rapid increases in CO2 emissions from ships and planes, road vehicles continue to account for three-quarters of transport emissions.

+50 / +70%

By 2030, passenger traffic will exceed 80,000 billion passenger kilometres — a 50 per cent increase — and freight volume will grow by 70 per cent globally.5


Global transport emissions amounted to 8,257 million metric tons of CO2.

Sustainable mobility data

Transport is at the centre of many economic and social development challenges, accounting for about 64 per cent of global oil consumption, 27 per cent of all energy use, and 23 per cent of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.6

Renewable fuels - Reducing emissions of the existing fleet

The composition of the vehicle fleet is changing, but a more comprehensive shift will take time.

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The Big Picture - Why a Well-to-Wheels approach is key to meeting GHG reduction targets

Two different approaches to calculating the emissions from road transport

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