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United States
Neste US, Inc.
3040 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1700
Houston, Texas 77056


Tel. +1 713 407 4400


Fax +1 713 407 4480


International sales and trading office

Neste's office in the US are international sales and trading offices of Neste MY Renewable Products and petroleum fuels. We offer our customers a wide range of premium-grade traffic fuels from renewable diesel to high value-added petroleum products. From our own refineries in Finland, we export various products that fulfill the strict Canadian and US quality requirements.

Our sales and trading activities in North America include sales of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, different grades of motor gasoline, special arctic grades of gasoline and diesel for use in extreme conditions. With production at our own refineries, we can ensure a consistent product and reliable deliveries.

Neste is a frontrunner in advanced biofuels and has invested heavily in renewable fuel production. Our goal is to be the preferred partner for cleaner traffic fuel solutions. We see that these solutions will be essential in helping meet the growing amount of energy needed in traffic and transport as sustainably as possible.

In North America, Neste has its office located in Houston, Texas, USA.