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Optimistic colleague Charissa Zwik

"I certainly enjoy going to work every day”

“I fully support Neste’s purpose, which says: Everything we do at Neste serves one goal, and that is to create a healthier planet for our children. It feels very good to be  part of that journey. Together, we can ensure that there will be less pollution and better climate conditions.

Charissa Zwik | Neste

My job is twofold. At Neste Terminal, where Neste stores the raw materials that are later on used in refineries, I am the first point of contact together with three colleagues. For example when a truck arrives, we check the driver’s documentation and go through safety procedures. We weigh and analyze the product and then show the driver where to go on-site. In addition to this, I am responsible for the facilities. I make sure that the office spaces get cleaned, that everything that is necessary for the company is in stock. In short, I am the jack of all trades in the terminal.

I love the atmosphere at our location and I certainly enjoy going to work every day. What I like most is that every question is allowed. We get help from our colleagues when we need it and everybody is an important part of our team in the office. Every day, we ask each other how colleagues are doing and we show real interest in each other’s lives. When somebody is going through a more difficult period, we help. We are one team. This feeling of belonging really keeps me motivated in my job.

Neste gives employees the opportunity to develop their skills and to grow as a person. That goes for me too. I feel that I can develop myself and that I can grow with Neste. For me, taking on extra responsibilities in addition to my core task of logistics, in making sure that the team does a great job in maintaining the facilities, has been really rewarding. Taking more responsibility means that you are challenged more. I have discovered that I like that. So I am also really motivated to keep at it: I want to listen to others, cooperate, and keep growing in my job. 

Nobody can handle the challenge of creating a sustainable future alone. But together we are strong! Together we will achieve a better future for all of us. Neste really understands this well. Neste also cares for the health and safety of its employees. At Neste, people are treated as humans in every encounter. When you get sick for example, they will first ask you how you are doing instead of focusing on the return date. This makes you feel valued as a person.”