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Neste Engineering Solutions is experienced in gas pipe infrastructure design and EPCM along with green hydrogen, carbon capture and Power-to-X studies.

In the Gas industry, we at Neste Engineering Solutions have a strong past, dating back to 1974, giving us an in-depth understanding of LNG technologies and handling of natural gas. This experience comes from gas pipe infrastructure, biogas plant and LNG liquefaction plant design and execution as well as from gas filling station design and EPCM (CNG, LNG, CLNG) and cryogenic design for LNG terminals. The engineering and managing of the construction of the LNG network in Finland, consisted of reduction stations, valve stations, compressor stations, gas filling stations, small-size LNG liquefaction plants and 1230 km of high-pressure pipeline.

We have the capability to develop concepts and deliver studies, as well as, design and execute small, mid- and large scale projects.

Just as in our other industry segments, also in the Gas industry, we want to help reduce Your carbon emissions and increase Your renewable carbon content and material recycling rate through flexible process design, and in so doing, develop and upscale new processes and technologies together. This is close to us as our Owner (Neste) is the third most sustainable company globally.


Offsetting    Strong gas process and infrastructure know-how

More recently we have developed green hydrogen, green methane, carbon capture and utilization (CCU) as well as carbon capture storage (CCS) and Power-to-X (P2X, PtX, PtL) studies, including market and business model analyses. 

Within the hydrogen process and CCU/CCS design, we have historically worked at the Neste Porvoo, Singapore and Rotterdam sites and at Nynäs in Sweden. 

Currently, we are deeply involved in a major project for clean hydrogen and recovery of carbon to quickly and efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the Neste Porvoo refinery. This project introduces CCS and electrolysis solutions that allow decarbonization of production at the refinery.

We have also been a part of coordinating the current EU-funded MULTIPLHY project, which aims to demonstrate the technological and industrial advantages of the high-temperature electrolysis (HTE) technology at the Neste renewable products refinery in Rotterdam (NL) to produce green hydrogen for the refinery’s processes.

The aforementioned all link to PtX, where Neste Engineering Solutions has engineering capabilities from gas purification and reforming to gas shift (rWGS), Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis up to product upgrading to make e.g. CO2 (carbon dioxide)-based fuels (or so-called e-fuels) and waxes. Our upgrading know-how is backed up with a deep understanding of hydrogen processes, such as hydrogenation and hydrocracking. Our FT background comes from earlier Biomass-to-liquid (BtL) applications in the form of pre-engineering up to start-up of a demonstration scale facility.


Distillation    Technology licensing

Neste Engineering Solutions has its own technologies that we license to various applications ranging from clean fuel to tall oil components. Specifically within the Gas segment, technology licensing can include NEXDES™ for vacuum distillation for purification purposes of certain chemicals, materials and fuels originating from gas.


Partnership    Collaboration

In addition to providing You typical pre-engineering through basic engineering and detailed engineering up to EPCM (Engineering Procurement and Construction Management) and start-up of e.g. chemical plants (engineering services), we enjoy working in close collaboration with companies’ R&D organizations at an early stage of design. This often includes rough cost estimation and concept engineering. We often have helped to speed up development and up-scaling via simulation and deep chemical process know-how, originating from our vast refinery heritage. Current exciting areas, where we, at an early stage of concept engineering can validate and verify third party technologies in e.g. a technology advisory role, are for instance CCU and Power-to-X.