Neste’s refining operations in Naantali have ended – Naantali terminal to start operations

Neste’s refining operations in Naantali i.e. the manufacture of oil products has been discontinued and Neste will continue port and distribution terminal operations in Naantali. 

Neste Naantali terminal

According to the decision announced at the end of last year, Neste has decided to shut down its refinery operations in Naantali. This decision is based on the lower demand for fossil-based oil products and the share of renewable energy solutions will continue to grow in the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially accelerated the decline in demand for oil products, which is not expected to recover to previous levels.

Neste’s refining operations in Naantali were ended at the end of March 2021. The refinery shutdown took approximately two weeks. Measures related to the closure of Neste’s refining operations in Naantali and the further use of the area will be carried out in cooperation with the authorities. The lengthy process is expected to take several years. 

After the end of the refining operations, the terminal, the port and the large tank area with its equipment will form a new entity named after the Naantali terminal.

Naantali terminal will consist of port and distribution terminal operations

Neste’s Naantali terminal, including its port, will distribute transportation fuels in Southwest Finland. Naantali terminal operations will consist of the port, the distribution terminal in charge of tanker truck distribution, the large tank area, and various support functions such as the wastewater treatment plant.

Finished products will be delivered to customers through the distribution terminal as before. The discontinued refining operations will have no significant impact on the distribution terminal’s operations or volumes, and distribution areas will also remain unchanged. Furthermore, this change will not have any impact on the security of fuel supply in Finland.