Neste Shanghai Trading Co Ltd

Invoicing addresses and instructions for Neste Shanghai Trading Co Ltd

Neste (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

Paper invoices

Neste Shanghai office Room 604 - 605, Tower 1, Jing’an Kerry Center, Jing’an District Shanghai 200040, PRC

Electronic/PDF invoices

Please also ensure that the Tax invoice page is always placed on the first page of the full document.

Any incomplete documentation shall be rejected and not processed.

We appreciate the invoicing instructions as stated in all our purchase orders are strictly adhered to.

All previous invoices sent to the system that are incomplete shall be disregarded. Please note there are specific invoicing instructions and requirements when invoicing Coupa purchase orders. The instructions for Coupa purchase orders with NPO -prefix can be found here: NPOxxxxxx - Coupa purchase orders invoicing instructions (PDF)

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