Tips for applying for a job

Tips for applying for a job - by recruiters

Your job application gives us our first impression of you. It is important that we can imagine you as part of us. Neste employees are courageous and open, and so are you, right?

When you apply for a job with us, always attach a separate covering letter to your application. This is your chance to tell more about yourself. Remember to attach a CV with a clear description of your previous work experience and responsibilities.

If you are a student and applying for summer internship, remember to also attach an extract of your student register.

Our job opening advertisements also specify any other required attachments.

Three golden rules for job applications:

  1. a good job application is clear and to the point
  2. write the text carefully and avoid typing errors
  3. clearly indicate your experience and competence corresponding with the requirements of the position.

When you are invited to an interview

We will ensure your suitability for joining us through an interview. It is important for you to be yourself in the interview. We appreciate you as exactly how you are.

Good luck with applying for a job!