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Biofuels and Additives

Designed for a sustainable world

Global warming is a scientific reality that affects us all. At Neste Engineering Solutions, we want to help you and your customers reduce environmental impact by inventing and developing new technologies to produce biofuels and additives from renewable feedstock, and thus reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Biorefining is clearly the way forward.

Demand for biofuels is only going to get stronger as fossil fuel supplies diminish and temperatures rise. Yet fuel is not the only requirement for cleaner transport; the bioadditives market is still in its infancy. Land, sea and air vehicles all need cleaner liquid fuels and lubricants. The industry bottleneck is the supply of affordable, high-quality renewable feedstocks in sufficient quantities.

In recent years, our experts have gathered comprehensive data about available feedstocks and developed various conversion methods and technologies. With our simulation tools, we can propose a suitable production process and help you find the right materials for handling highly corrosive intermediates. Optimizing your process, we can evaluate investment costs and the future profit of your biorefining project. If you decide to go ahead, we can provide end-to-end project management, all the way from definition to execution and commissioning.


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