We are all passengers

It’s hard to imagine a world without people and goods in motion. But we can’t live with the increasing impact of mobility on the planet.

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At Neste, we believe the only way to shift tomorrow’s course is by taking action today. The path to more sustainable mobility is here. And with it, a choice—to move with renewable fuels. It’s a choice we must all make together - as passengers on this planet. Find out more about our solutions.

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Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Reduce emissions from flying with sustainable aviation fuel

Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ is a today solution to decarbonize the aviation industry, commercially available and in use worldwide

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Neste Impact

The easy way to reach your sustainability targets

Neste Impact is the emission reduction solution for companies ready to take action, today. Meet your sustainability goals, credibly claim your reductions, and make a direct impact.

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Neste MY Renewable Diesel

Drive more sustainably with Neste MY Renewable Diesel

By choosing Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ (HVO100) companies can start achieving their climate goals today.

Behind We are all passengers

Often seen as big and complex, the journey to more sustainable mobility is made with easy steps and choices we all can make as passengers on this planet. Connecting with the values and emotions we all share helps to inspire change by showing everyone that the choices we can all make in our everyday lives, are extremely important and can make an impact.

"With ‘We are all passengers’ we want to convey that we can all make a choice, and all the choices we make, make an impact. The awareness of our audience about fuel and what it means for the environment is quite low and we tend to communicate in a technical way. We now want to evoke emotions and focus on the shared values of being on this planet together."


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The ‘We are all passengers’ campaign tells the story of different passengers making choices to move more sustainably. In this campaign, Neste approaches sustainable mobility more on a personal level and tries to reach a broader audience specifically in the road transportation, marine, and aviation sectors. At Neste, we want to encourage everyone to take part in our journey to a more sustainable future.


For us all, as passengers, to act and make a change, it is vital to see and feel the impact of our actions. So in this campaign we wanted to take a more personal approach to sustainable mobility. At Neste, we strongly believe that every action counts, no matter how small or big, and the path to more sustainable mobility is here, as we have a choice to move more sustainably using renewable fuels.


Both the campaign’s production and set were planned with sustainability in mind. This included choosing a shooting location that offered a great variety of scenery and talents, opting for locally produced food, and avoiding food waste. Neste team’s flights were also 100% compensated using Neste’s own ‘Neste Flies with SAF’ corporate travel program. 

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