Porvoo refinery production line

Process Technologies

Sustainable solutions for production of clean and renewable products.

Porvoo refinery production line

Neste has the in-depth knowledge and experience to design and develop a wide range of process technologies, with notable leading commercial references within processing of clean and renewable fuels, fine chemicals, polyolefins and tall oil products. Depending on your need we can offer solutions with a solid technology background or collaborate with research teams to develop and commercialize your novel technology.

NEX Process Technologies - outstanding process technologies for licensing

Your plant project is an important investment so you want the most reliable and efficient process technology available.

With us, you have access to outstanding proven solutions and over 60 years of international experience in industrial process development and plant investment projects in oil refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, and biorefining processes. We are perfectly positioned to help you improve your business through our portfolio of licensed technologies and process engineering expertise.

Neste Porvoo final delivery

NEXPINUS™ intelligent tall oil fractionation technology 

Crude tall oil (CTO), a side product from chemical pine pulping, is one answer to the growing demand for renewables.

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Flexible clean fuel component process technologies for you to licence | Neste

Flexible clean fuel component process technologies for you to licence

Neste licences flexible clean fuel component technologies so that you can achieve current and future gasoline fuel specifications with high availability at low cost.

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Neste Porvoo refinery in Finland.

Optimum Hydrogenation Technologies for Fuels and Solvents 

Neste's NEXSATTM is the optimum process for hydroprocessing of low-sulfur feedstock in mild operating conditions, followed by product property fine-tuning in a stabilization or fractionation section for the ultimate quality gain.

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WIP Technology for Superior Quality Synthetic Base Oils | Neste

Technology for Superior Quality Synthetic Base Oils

Neste’s advanced and proven NEXPAOTM proprietary process technology will give you low-viscosity polyalphaolefins (PAOs) from 1-decene feed.

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Neste Analytical Laboratory, Porvoo Technology Centre

Technology co-development - from innovative idea to commercial success

Your new innovative technology is more likely to succeed commercially with the right experience and resources behind it. Besides R&D, you need modeling, conceptual process design, and multidisciplinary engineering. 

Working process technology references in real life processing environment

Many companies base their success on our highly competitive novel process technologies. Our references from numerous leading commercial process technologies working worldwide are indisputable proof of our abilities. See below our global map of selected process technology references.

Selected process technology references | Neste