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In the marine transport sector, even incremental sustainability improvements can deliver a massive impact. Lowering emissions by using more sustainable marine fuels is an easy and instant means to do so.

Water surface | Neste

The challenge is urgent

Over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea, making maritime transport critical for the flow of the global economy. The International Maritime Organization has set ambitious targets for the maritime sector to reduce its emissions to combat climate change.

Neste is committed to work with its suppliers and partners to reduce the indirect GHG emissions across Neste’s entire value chain (scope 3), including transportation of our products.

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Neste Marine™ 0.1 Co-processed

Neste Marine™ 0.1 Co-processed is a low emission solution for the marine sector, including shipping companies, cargo owners and charterers.

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Towards sustainable shipping with low emission solutions

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