Become a Neste supplier. Let's grow together sustainably.

Become a Neste supplier. Let's grow together sustainably

Building business relationships based on mutual benefits, trust and respect.

Become a Neste supplier. Let's grow together sustainably.

Sell UCO and other renewable raw materials to Neste

Neste is a global buyer of used cooking oil (UCO), animal fat waste and a variety of other renewable raw materials. We are continuously searching for new suppliers to grow sustainably with us.

Neste is looking especially for used cooking oil (UCO) suppliers capable of offering, on average, more than 100 tons of oil per month.

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We are one of the fastest growing producers of renewable diesel, renewable aviation fuel and other renewable products. We are continuously searching for new suppliers of renewable raw materials to grow sustainably with us. 

We convert your raw material to renewable fuels and other products that help reduce reliance on fossil oil and greenhouse gas emissions in various areas of life.

Please note that Neste provides used cooking oil collection services only in the U.S via Mahoney Environmental. If you are a small generator of renewable raw materials outside the U.S., we advise you to contact your local waste management company or raw material collector.

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Neste sources only raw materials from suppliers who are similarly committed to principles of sustainability and continuous improvement.

Mutually beneficial relationships

Neste has a very clear purpose: to create a healthier planet for our children. We are committed to sustainability and continuously improving our performance while aiming to make positive environmental and social impacts throughout our business operations and value chains. Focus on sustainability has helped Neste accelerate its business growth.

We help our partners to grow. We aim to build successful long-lasting partnerships based on mutual benefits, trust and respect.

We source only raw materials from suppliers who are similarly committed to principles of sustainability and continuous improvement. While we demand quite a lot from ourselves and of our partners, mutual commitments to sustainability provide a solid basis for long-term partnerships and growth.

Neste in brief

Key financial figures 2023

Neste creates solutions for combating climate change and accelerating a shift to a circular economy. We refine waste, residues and innovative raw materials into renewable fuels and more sustainable feedstock for polymers and chemicals.


MEUR, revenue


MEUR, comparable EBITDA


Average number of personnel


Mt CO₂e, our renewable products helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Snail and mushrooms in climate change and biodiversity.


Sustainability reports, KPI's and indices

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Execution of investment projects, and operational excellence play a key role in Neste’s strategy implementation. Safety, quality, schedule compliance, and cost efficiency are common attributes for each of them. Those attributes also drive the Procurement operations and Supplier selection at Neste.

Suppliers are an integral part of our value chain. While ensuring the best available value from the supply market, we expect from our Suppliers an uncompromised commitment to safety, high quality of supplies and deliverables as well as compliance with agreed delivery schedules. 

1. How to become a Neste supplier

To become a Neste Supplier, a supplier is required to meet certain criteria:

  • Supplier must be registered in the Neste Supplier Self-Service Portal.

  • Supplier must accept the Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out the minimum criteria for all Neste’s Suppliers.

  • Supplier fulfills the category specific requirements, e.g. HSE, quality, technical, security, material, audit, and other pre-defined requirements.

  • Neste always complies with the laws of the countries in which the company does business - and expects the same of its suppliers.

2. Procurement contacts

Are you interested in becoming a Neste Supplier? Please be in contact with the following persons: 

Suvi Lehtonen

Category Lead, Commodities and Logistics

Mika Kuivalainen

Category Lead, Professional Services and Solutions

Jaakko Peljo

Head of Real Estate Management

Pasi Ahola

VP, Project Procurement, Technical categories, Project Procurement

Niko Paavola

Category Lead, Services, Project Procurement

Mikael Leponen

Category Lead, Equipment & Materials, Project Procurement

Wicky Wijaya

Procurement Manager, Singapore

3. Role of procurement

Neste group Procurement is responsible for strategic sourcing, purchasing, and supplier management group-wide in relation to the Indirect Spend.

Direct Spend at Neste relates to crude oil, feedstock and product supply (both fossil and renewable) whereas Indirect spend covers any other spend or expenditure whatsoever than the Direct Spend, such as operating or other resources for operations or business transactions, all investment and maintenance related spend, assets, goods, materials, equipment, commodities, contracting and services.

In all Procurement operations Neste will act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as Neste’s values, principles, and policies. We conduct business only with the Suppliers whom we can trust they act in the same manner. We expect high ethical standards from our Suppliers and that they do business in a sustainable manner. Neste Supplier Code of Conduct sets the minimum requirements for all Neste Suppliers. Therefore we expect that each of our Suppliers will expressly commit themselves to following and complying with such Code. 

Neste is committed to operating with integrity towards its Suppliers and treating them fairly, and equally, always based on objective factors and excluding personal preferences or interest. We aim for long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with our  key suppliers. We welcome innovations and are always open for feedback from our Suppliers.

Invoicing addresses

You will find all invoicing addresses and instructions in one place at


Our operations are guided by business area-specific certified management systems, which correspond to the requirements of the environmental, health and safety, and quality standards issued by ISO. 


Neste General Terms of Procurement 2023
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Neste Supplier Code of Conduct
PDF · 190 kB
Guide for Suppliers
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