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NBA player Lauri Markkanen on campaign #DontChoke: Building a cleaner future is a team effort

We’re all responsible for building a cleaner world for future generations. All it takes is making simple everyday choices, but just like on the court, the biggest accomplishments are a team effort." -Lauri Markkanen, NBA player

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Working towards mutual goals

Global warming and overburdening our planet are some of the biggest challenges for our times. Both can be restrained by choosing sustainable alternatives, and making responsible choices in everyday life,

Recent father and NBA player Lauri Markkanen is taking concrete climate action with Neste. Every action, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. All actions are more than necessary, because together we can build a more sustainable tomorrow for future generations. Follow Lauri’s example and make your own climate pledge with #dontchoke.

Image of Lauri Markkanen and a baby

“We’re all responsible for building a better world for future generations. To me, it was a huge change to come over and play for the NBA like my idols. Whatsmore, becoming a father was even more significant and I see the future in a completely different way now. In addition to playing, I now need to take care of providing a safe and clean environment for my child – just like the one I grew up in.

Our planet is in danger and I can’t stand by and watch it get destroyed. The actions and choices I make to decrease my personal carbon footprint and contribute to the environment’s well-being, are my way of securing a better future for us all. All it takes is making simple everyday choices, but just like on the court, the biggest accomplishments are a team effort.”

Lauri Markkanen

Image of Lauri Markkanen looking into the distance

This ball matters

The surface of this ball is covered by the global heat map, a graphic representation of the heat waves that have swiped over the world during the past year. The average temperature of the earth has already risen by an entire degree Celcius, whilst, in their latest report, IPCC set the absolute tipping point at 1,5°C. If global warming surpasses the critical 1,5°C (34,7°F) limit, the consequences could be catastrophic: rising sea levels, withering coral reefs and above all, melting of arctic ice. The world is clearly in danger, but the game is not over yet. Now more than ever, is the time for decisive action. The ball has been designed by American artist Kickstardomis, known for customizing the shoes of several NBA players.

Photo of Lauri Markkanen holding a basketball with Neste's logo and #DontChoke printed on it.

Lauri's responsible choices

Food: Being an athlete doesn’t mean I can’t make better choices. To minimize my carbon footprint, I’ve stopped consuming red meat, and primarily eat ecologically produced food.

Energy: I try to minimize energy consumption at home by turning off unnecessary lights and not letting the tap run when it’s not needed.

Traveling: I travel a lot, but I try to do it as responsibly as possible. I use public transportation whenever possible and drive an electric car. I wish renewable aviation fuels would be adopted widely soon, because flying causes a lot of emissions.

Image of Lauri Markkanen looking to the ocean from Nolla Cabin.

Nature: I’ve been raised to appreciate nature. Now that I live abroad I’ve learned to appreciate the environment we have in Finland even more. Seasons are important to me, but climate change is a real threat to them – if we do nothing, we might not be able to enjoy them in the future.

Consumption: I do my best to only buy what I need, and recycle a lot. At home in Chicago we recycle everything we can and try to minimize the waste our family produces. Recycling is an extremely easy way to minimize your carbon footprint.

Image of Lauri Markkanen standing in front of Nolla Cabin, with forest and ocean in the background.