Recruitment Privacy Notice

This Recruitment Privacy Notice applies to you only if you are an applicant for employment with Neste US, Inc. At Neste, we care about your privacy and right to data protection. We are committed to respect your privacy and protect your Personal Data (as defined below), which is all the information that can be connected to you or can be used to identify you as an individual. In this Recruitment Privacy Notice you can read about how we use your Personal Data in connection to our recruiting process.

Our main Privacy Policy, available here, describes the other aspects of our use of your Personal Data.

1. Contact information

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your Personal Data, please contact our recruitment team: Please notice that all the applications should be submitted via Neste’s recruitment portal. We do not accept or store applications send to this address. If you have technical problems with the recruitment portal, please contact our Helpdesk:

2. What are the purposes for processing your Personal Data?

The main purpose for the processing of your Personal Data is to assess your knowledge and experience and to identify the most suitable person for the open position as well as for future positions that may become available. The processing is based on your consent and Neste’s legitimate interest to employ the most eligible and competent individuals.

First of all, we (and/or our service providers) use your information to contact you to schedule interviews or to inform you about the outcome of the recruitment process. We analyze your application, CV and other documents you have provided and compare them to the defined requirements. We may also perform ability and personality testing and assess candidates’ eligibility by health checks, drug tests and security screenings. You are not obliged to consent to this testing or screening but this can mean that you will not able to continue in the recruitment process because Neste cannot assess your performance or reliability in appropriate manner.

3. What information do we collect and from where do we collect it?

To be able to contact you we collect your name and contact details. For assessing your suitability for the open position, we use the information you have given to us. This information includes: job history, education, language skills and other information in your cover letter and CV, school certificates and references. Processed information includes also other information you have voluntarily given to us, such as age and photos. We are collecting the information mainly from the job applicants themselves. However, we are also using external service providers (such as personality and aptitude testing services) to perform assessments or to conduct or manage interviews.

We collect the information from your application and other material you have given to us and by performing face-to-face or video interviews, which we record. Depending on the open position we also perform aptitude testing. You may also be asked to take psychological tests health checks, or drug screening tests or consent to a security screening. You will be informed about tests and/or screenings separately and these are only done with your consent.

4. Who has access to your Personal Data and with whom do we share your information?

At Neste your information is processed by recruiting managers and other HR personnel participating in the recruitment process.

We may disclose your information to personality and aptitude testing partners or other recruitment partners who processes the applications and handle the interviews. We disclose information to authorities when we are asking for security screening. We also use third party service providers for recruiting software and systems that have limited access to your Personal Data.

We use video interviews as a part of our recruitment process. Our service provider RecRight is responsible for the data protection and the technical security when it comes to the video interviews.

5. Notice on international transfers

Neste is an international corporation that have business and offices around the globe. This means that your information may be processed worldwide, including countries that does not provide the same level of data protection as your home country.

Some managers that are evaluating applicants might be working outside of the EU/EEA especially when the open position requires working also outside of EU/EEA. We also use software support that is working outside of the EU/EEA and might have limited access to your information in order to perform their work. It is also important to understand that if you get employed by Neste, your information might be transferred or disclosed also outside of the EU/EEA depending on your position and tasks. When transferring or disclosing Personal Information outside of the EU/EEA, Neste complies with legal requirements and if required, uses specific safeguards.

6. How long do we store your information?

We may store your information for future open positions. We will delete your Personal Data when it is no longer relevant to our purposes or if you withdraw your consent. If you wish, you can delete or update your information on your account. Your video interviews will be stored for 12 months by our service provider RecRight, or for so long as RecRight’s storage policy states. If you become employed by Neste, your Personal Data collected during the recruitment process will become part of our employment records and the information will be retained in accordance with our retention policies and applicable law.

For job applicant who are residents of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, the following applies

What are your rights and how to use them?

If you wish to use your rights, follow the instructions underneath or visit our website to submit a request: If needed, you can request RecRight to delete your video and personal account by contacting them directly

You have the right to access your information. You can view the information you have given by logging in to Neste’s recruitment portal with your personal credentials you have created when you submitted your application.

You have the right to rectify inaccurate information concerning you. You can rectify the information you have given by logging in to Neste’s recruitment portal with your personal credentials.

Rectification also means that you have the right to give your opinion to test results from possible psychological tests, drug test or security screening. You will get the possibility to do this during the recruitment process.

You have the right to erase your information from the systems. You may delete your information by logging in to Neste’s recruitment portal with your personal credentials.

You have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Information that is based on Neste’s legitimate interest, like for example testing. However, this can mean that you cannot continue in the recruitment process.

You have also the right to withdraw your consent for processing your information for recruitment purposes. You can do this by deleting your account from the recruitment portal and informing us that you don’t want to be a part of the recruitment process anymore.

You have the right to receive the Personal Information you have provided in a structured and machine-readable format and if it is technically possible, also right to have the information transmitted straight to other system. You are able to have your information by logging in to Neste’s recruitment portal with your personal credentials, you can print or save your Personal Information to your computer in a structured format.

Finally, you have the right to demand that Neste restricts the processing of your Personal Information. This means that Neste can only store your information but cannot use it in other way. You have this right if you contest the accuracy of your Personal Information and processing will be restricted until the accuracy of the Personal Information is verified. You have this right also if you need the information after Neste’s retention periods, for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

If an individual is concerned that the processing may be breaching privacy laws or their individual rights under the privacy legislation have not been respected, they have the right to complain to national data protection authority.

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