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"Our main business goal is to offer sustainable manufacturing that makes a positive impact for our community, everyone that works for CASS, and for our clients."

  • 100% of CASS’s on-highway fleet runs on Neste MY Renewable Diesel

  • CASS has been sustainably manufacturing and recycling end-of-life material since 1969

  • Reducing up to 895 metric tons of GHG emissions annually with Neste MY Renewable Diesel

How Neste MY Renewable Diesel Helps CASS Operate Sustainably

CASS is a closed-loop recycling and chlorine-free aluminum manufacturing company in the heart of West Oakland, CA, with a focus on ferrous and non-ferrous metal. While serving a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, military, and semiconductor, sustainability is always at the core of who they are and what they do.

This means considering the present and future implications in all aspects of their operations to protect the health and safety of their team and the community – a mission that drew them to convert their fleet to low-carbon Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

3 Challenges faced by CASS

  1. A low-carbon solution that meets their sustainability needs

  2. In need of a today solution that allows them to be on the road six days a week

  3. A pragmatic solution that would work seamlessly with their current vehicles

"We all want to find sustainable solutions that are helping us be respectful of the natural resources of the planet and provide a better future for the next generation."

Edward Kangeter IV, CEO


A Strategic Partnership Based on Similar Views on Sustainability

To Chief Executive Officer Edward Kangeter IV, sustainability is reflected in all aspects of CASS’s operations. They follow a sustainable closed-loop process, recycling end-of-life products like used power trains from retail and industrial operations and saving them from ending up in landfills. These products are then recycled into metals and raw materials for production globally.

“Sustainability is reflected in everything we do,” said Kangeter. “We’re mining society’s end of life products versus mining ore. We’re protecting the planet’s natural resources through the recycling process and then using those metal units to make new productive tools and components for use in society.”

For CASS, it is important to find partners that view sustainability as important as they do. So Neste MY Renewable Diesel became a natural fit for CASS when it was finding a low-carbon alternative to fuel 100% of its over-the-road fleet in the Bay Area.

“We all want to find sustainable solutions that are helping us be respectful of the natural resources of the planet and provide a better future for the next generation,” said Kangeter. “Our entire business model is built around that philosophy. We aim to make strategic partnerships with others who share that vision.”

CASS’s trucks are on the road at least six days a week, driving all over Silicon Valley, from Oakland to Fremont, Livermore and even Stockton. With Neste MY Renewable Diesel, the company expects to reduce at least 895 metric tons of GHG emissions annually.

Top Tier Performance

Before making the switch, CASS’s trucks were emitting visible fumes with a strong odor and experiencing significant maintenance downtime.

It was Diesel Direct, Neste’s trusted channel partner, who introduced Neste MY Renewable Diesel to CASS as a better alternative that meets their needs for high performance and helps them to be a good neighbor in the areas they operate.

“At Diesel Direct, we are committed to offering sustainable mobile fuel solutions to meet our customers’ needs,” said Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Diesel Direct, “We are excited to offer Neste MY Renewable Diesel to customers like CASS in order to help them achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing performance.”

By switching their fleet to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, CASS noticed a completely odorless burn, and were able to travel their usual routes and reduce their GHG emissions for their communities. They also noticed significantly less maintenance within their fleet, including less fuel filter changes and a decrease in diesel particulate filter downtime.

Seamless Transition and Great Efficiency

Kangeter said making the switch was not a decision he took lightly, given the importance of being able to perform their day-to-day operations in accordance with their partners.

However, once he took the leap, the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel happened practically overnight. Neste’s partner Diesel Direct was helpful in providing information on the product and answered any questions CASS had, making the transition seamless.

For CASS, there were zero new investments or modifications needed to their equipment when they switched from fossil diesel to Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Once they did, the company noticed their fleet became more efficient, running more miles with less maintenance costs.

Additionally, Diesel Direct is offering CASS onsite nighttime fleet refueling services five times a week, which allows the company to save more time during the day to recycle metals and turn them into treasure.

“I would recommend to anyone interested in making this switch, the service Neste provided is professional and best of class,” explained Kangeter. “That’s what we strive for in our operations and in how we serve the community. Anyone interested in creating a more sustainable future should seriously consider the viability of this product in their process.

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