Cox Petroleum truck


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“Our customers – these major oil companies – are asking how they can lower their carbon footprint. [With Neste MY Renewable Diesel], I can say we’re already doing it.”

As a leader in fuel distribution, Cox Petroleum Transport has invested in the future of diesel by choosing Neste MY Renewable Diesel

  • Reduction of 2,000 tons of GHG emissions every year

  • 90% reduction in annual maintenance costs

  • 45 trucks running on Neste MY Renewable Diesel

You can think of Cox Petroleum Transport as the UPS or FedEx of fuel delivery. Based in Bakersfield, California, their main goal is to transport petroleum products to gas stations, service stations and truck stops throughout California – including major oil companies like Chevron, Marathon and Shell. For Jeremy Mairs, president of the company, meeting customers’ expectations and California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) stringent emissions laws are equally important. With Neste MY Renewable Diesel, Mairs is able to ensure his existing fleet keeps running smoothly and in compliance with CARB and other local requirements.

About 20 percent of Cox Petroleum Transport’s 150-unit fleet runs on Neste MY Renewable Diesel, keeping 2,000 tons of GHG emissions from releasing to the atmosphere every year.

3 challenges faced by Cox Petroleum Transport

  1. Meet local emissions requirements

  2. Reduce maintenance costs

  3. Maintain high level of performance

“When I first looked at renewable diesel, I thought, ‘No way this is diesel. It’s crystal clear and doesn’t smell like anything,’' said Mairs. “Jeffries Brothers was very good at explaining the benefits of renewable diesel and how it's made. They worked with us on testing on a couple of trucks and we were convinced.”


A simple decision makes a big difference

Since switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, his diesel-powered trucks emit no new greenhouse gas emissions from the tailpipe, and significantly less fine particulates and nitrogen oxides. Mairs also emphasized the implications of Neste MY Renewable Diesel as a drop-in solution that can be used conveniently without equipment modifications or additional costs, allowing his fleet to transition away from fossil fuels while still realizing high performance and reliability.

“Renewable diesel is important for carriers like me because other zero emission solutions can’t work,” he said. “Renewable diesel is convenient, we can always just fill up and go. We run 24/7, 365 – renewable diesel means less downtime for our trucks as they don’t shut off or charge.”

As a sustainable product, Mairs added how Neste MY Renewable Diesel can benefit his customers, who are pushing to be more environmentally conscious in today’s landscape.

Running clean brings operational efficiency

Cox Petroleum Transport operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They need a fuel that is powerful enough to keep up with them. Not only the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel occurred with zero hiccups, now Mairs is also very pleased with the performance.

“At first, we didn’t notice a change until it was time to service, which was less frequent,” Mairs explained. “After a year of collecting data from our two terminals, we saw our exhaust-related maintenance costs significantly drop off.”

In fact, Mairs’ maintenance costs shrank by more than 90%, resulting in over $30,000 in yearly savings. Everything downstream from the motor saw higher performance, eliminating carbon buildup on the exhaust and leading to a cleaner burn.