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"Neste provided us with a drop-in replacement so that we don’t need to invest in new equipment,” said Johnson. “Neste MY Renewable Diesel has met and exceeded all our sustainability expectations.”

  • 75 DDW Trucks currently run on and deliver Neste MY Renewable Diesel (nearly half of DDW’s total fleet)

  • Reducing GHG emissions by up to 75%* by switching to renewable diesel.

  • 108 million gallons of Neste MY Renewable Diesel delivered in 2021, equivalent to bringing 251 wind turbines online for a year.

Diesel Direct West becomes a more sustainable business by shifting from fossil to Neste MY Renewable Diesel

Diesel Direct West (DDW) is the nation’s largest mobile onsite fueling company, and has always had a “pure energy mantra.” DDW’s commitment to innovative technology, sustainable energy and high-quality fuel stems from the company’s mission: To create a better fueling experience. These values directly coincide with Neste’s own sustainability values and mission to create a healthier planet for future generations. By partnering with Neste to supply its heavy-duty trucking fleet in the West Coast with renewable diesel, DDW has taken a significant step toward reaching its sustainability goals.

3 challenges faced by Diesel Direct West

  1. Keeping fleets running with fewer carbon emissions

  2. Sourcing high-quality, affordable low-carbon fuel that meets their sustainability goals

  3. Maintain efficiency and high-level of performance

"I knew it was going to be a really great partnership because of Neste’s forward-thinking focus and how they view the world, one gallon at a time. That stuck with us because we started this business with one truck, delivering one gallon at a time."

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of Diesel Direct West (DDW)


A smart and more sustainable way of fueling

The heavy duty trucking industry has changed rapidly over the last several decades, reflected in the growing demand for cleaner, more sustainable fuel alternatives to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

DDW was an early adopter of renewable diesel once California implemented the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, designed to decrease the carbon emissions from California’s transportation system and increase the availability of low-carbon and renewable fuel alternatives.

“Neste provided us with a drop-in replacement so that we don’t need to invest in new equipment,” said Johnson. “Neste MY Renewable Diesel has met and exceeded all our sustainability expectations.”

Switching requires no new investments or modifications to equipment.

Since heavy-duty trucks have a longer than average lifespan, renewable diesel can keep the wheels turning with fewer emissions and filter changes without disrupting our economy or convenience. Renewable diesel is free of aromatics and other impurities, so any contaminants and foreign particles can be blown from the filter with an air hose.

“All our trucks are running more efficiently now than ever before, and things are looking so much better,” said Richmond Branch Driver Supervisor, Rafi Qadar. “We’ve had no issues with transitions and we don’t smell anything. It’s a lot cleaner than regular fuel and my customers are so much happier now.”

Accelerating the shift from fossil to renewable diesel

To remain one of the nation’s leading fuel distributors, it was imperative for DDW to find a low-carbon alternative fuel to support more sustainable fleets for their own vehicles and their customers' fleets. The partnership with Neste has enabled DDW to supply nearly half of their own fleet and a large portion of their customers with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, to satisfy the increasing demand. With 11 dispatch facilities and service depots every 75-100 miles from San Diego to Portland, Neste and DDW are increasing the availability and accessibility of renewable diesel along the West Coast.

*Lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reductions compared to fossil diesel and based on current feedstock pathways. Calculation method complies with the LCFS CA-GREET 3.0. **These average emission reductions are based on 100% Neste MY Renewable Diesel usage in pre-Euro VI vehicles or pre-Stage IV mobile equipment. The vehicle emissions have been compared with conventional diesel. ***Engine-out emissions