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“There is no easier way for a transport company to lower their carbon footprint today other than using renewable diesel.”

  • Reducing GHG emissions by up to 75%*

  • Preventing 10,000 tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere annually

  • 100% of its fleet in California runs on renewable diesel

How Southwest Traders made the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, a lower-emission fuel that’s transforming the transportation industry today

As a premier food distributor based in Temecula, California, Southwest Traders is committed to providing its customers with World Class Supply Chain Solutions. The company specializes in last mile supply chain solutions for quick serve restaurants, yogurt shops, ice cream shops, coffee shops, smoothie bars, schools, and more. With more than six million miles driven on the road annually, the company needed a way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without disrupting its business operations. Making the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel provided a “today” solution for Southwest Traders to meet those goals.

3 challenges faced by Southwest Traders

  1. Reduce GHG emissions from fleet

  2. Find a solution that is available today in the areas they serve

  3. Transition seamlessly without disrupting business

"We switched because there was no impact to cost, and we felt the need to be aligned with our customers’ sustainability goals and operate responsibly."

Shawn Lee, Senior Vice President


Southwest Traders operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As an essential business, the company needs to keep its supply chain moving to ensure customers, including Starbucks, Panera Bread and Einstein Bros., have quick and reliable delivery services. By making the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, the company is reducing GHG emissions from its own fleet while also helping its customers meet their sustainability goals. The best part is there are no incremental costs, no modifications needed to the engine, and Southwest Traders was able to use its existing fleet and existing fueling infrastructure. Although the adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise, for Southwest Traders, renewable diesel is ideal for their fleet because it is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved fuel that offers the same level of reliability as conventional diesel. As a California-born company, Southwest Traders strives to be a responsible business within their operation areas. Their commitment to sustainability started with switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, and now they’re seeing the impact in their community everyday.

“As the nation’s largest distributor of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, we deliver fuel from San Diego to Portland. We are committed to working with essential companies like Southwest Traders to keep their trucks fueled up and on the road every day, while ensuring a commitment to sustainability and the environment,” said Tim Johnson, senior vice president and general manager at Diesel Direct.

How was the transition to making the switch?

“It’s seamless - all you need to do is pump the fuel directly into the truck. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is the easiest way for a transport company to lower their carbon footprint today.” - Shawn Lee, Senior Vice President

Why is this change important to you?

“It helps us align with our customers and it’s real - it’s not a pie in the sky. For me, this is meaningful because we are making a positive impact today on the environment.” - Shawn Lee, Senior Vice President

*The GHG emission reduction percentage varies depending on the region-specific legislation that provides the methodology for the calculations (e.g. EU RED II 2018/2001/EU for Europe and U.S. California LCFS for the U.S.), and the raw material mix used to manufacture the product for each market.