Time to move forward with your career?

The worlds leading producer of renewable diesel and constantly developing the world's most advanced fuels, Neste is a real forerunner. Are you?

We are around 5,000 professionals in four continents: Finland and countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Bahrain, and the US. People work in a wide range of expert fields, from finance to fire fighting, laboratory analyses, and sales.


What will be your next milestone?

We are seeking professionals in their respective fields; people who want to do something meaningful with their lives.

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Career stories

What is it like to work at Neste?

See what Paula, Markku and others tells about their work at Neste.

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Multiple opportunities for students

We offer hundreds of students and schoolchildren annually the opportunity to come and work for us.

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Well-being at work

Work must give everyone experiences of success and meaningful challenges.

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