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03 August 2015 Releases and news
Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel to reduce Flow Festival's carbon footprint again
Neste Corporation Press release 3 August 2015 at 10 am. (EET) Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel to reduce Flow Festival's carbon footprint again Neste has once again been chosen as the environmental partner of the Flow Festival arranged on 14-16 August. Neste will deliver the 100% NEXBTL renewable diesel for the electricity production at the event. With the help of the NEXBTL renewable diesel made of waste and residue, Flow Festival's carbon footprint will decrease significantly compared to using fossil fuel. "With the NEXBTL renewable diesel, it is possible to reach as much as 90 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions during the lifecycle than with fossil diesel. We are extremely pleased that the top-quality and cleanly...
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30 July 2015 Releases and news
Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel will fuel UPS's fleet
Neste Corporation Press release 30 July 2015 9 am. (EET) Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel will fuel UPS's fleet Neste, the world's leading producer of premium quality renewable fuels will supply NEXBTL renewable diesel to UPS, the global leader in logistics, to help facilitate UPS's shift to alternative fuels. Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel will be used by UPS's fleet operating in the USA starting mid-2015 and the mutual intention is to expand the cooperation globally. Neste's global renewable diesel reach is well aligned with UPS's global business. UPS is planning to use up to 46 million gallon equivalents of renewable fuels over the next three years which will make UPS one of the largest users of renewable diesel in the...
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29 July 2015 Releases and news
Neste to publish its second quarter results on 5 August 2015
Neste Corporation Press Release 29 July 2015 at 10.00 am. (EET) Neste to publish its second quarter results on 5 August 2015 Neste will publish its second quarter 2015 results on Wednesday, 5 August 2015 at approximately 9 am. (EET). The release will be available on the Neste website immediately after publishing. A press conference in Finnish will be held on the same day at 11.30 am. (EET) in Neste's Head Office, Keilaranta 21, Espoo. will feature English versions of the presentation materials. A conference call in English for investors and analysts will be held 5 August 2015, at 3 pm. Finland / 1 p.m. London / 8 am. New York. The call-in numbers are as follows: Finland: +358 (0)9 6937 9543, rest...
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13 July 2015 Stories
Use of renewable diesel promotes Helsinki Airport's Green Hub project
Refueling planes at Helsinki Airport is an extensive and challenging operation that puts the refueling stock to a hard test. In fact, the airport is a good place for testing 100% renewable diesel under extremely challenging conditions. It comes as a surprise to many how huge an operation it is to refuel planes at an international airport. "For European flights, planes typically require some 10,000 liters. For planes flying to China, Japan and other Asian destinations, the volume of fuel increases to 70,000–80,000 liters”, says Petteri Yli-Ilkka, Neste's Sales Manager in charge of fuel sales at Helsinki Airport. The refueling trucks have been using 100% renewable NEXBTL diesel already for two and a half years....
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13 July 2015 Stories
Innovative marine technology helps to save the environment
Neste install smart software that reduces emissions and yields great savings in fuel costs in the tankers it uses. The company will also ensure its operations are sustainable by offering the new technology to its partners. The Marorka system, which monitors speed, fuel consumption and location, will be installed in the ships used by Neste. The innovative computer system will result in savings of up to millions of euros in the fuel consumption of tankers used by Neste. The system helps to optimize The system allows the efficiency of ship operations to be monitored with unprecedented accuracy. "Above all, it is a question of cultural change," says Jacob Granqvist, Operations Manager at Neste Shipping. "We...
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13 July 2015 Stories
Neste renewed the online service experience
Neste has launched a reform of its online services, aiming to serve customers even better in a changing market. The first phase of the reform is the new website launched towards the end of the spring. The reform project aimed to improve the quality of online service at every level. The technology platform, site design and content were updated to better meet customer needs. Thousands of content elements have been created for the site. The work has involved approximately 13 organizations within Neste and some 15 external companies – bringing the total number of people to a three-digit number. The development work has continued for about a year. Extensive planning and a preliminary survey preceded it. Customer-oriented...
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07 July 2015 Releases and news
Neste Jacobs to Perform Consultant Services for INA Residue Upgrade Program in Croatia
Neste Jacobs Oy Press Release 7 July, 2015 at 9 am Neste Jacobs to Perform Consultant Services for INA Residue Upgrade Program in Croatia Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs and INA- Industrija nafte, d.d. (INA) have signed an agreement, where Neste Jacobs will perform consultant services in INA Residue Upgrade Program. INA intends to upgrade its Rijeka Refinery by means of implementing a residue upgrade program that consists of installation of a delayed coker unit for residue conversion, the required off-sites and coke port & handling system to convert heavy residue into high value products such as LPG, Gasoline and Diesel. Neste Jacobs has formed and mobilized a team of Consultants to...
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01 July 2015 Releases and news
Neste Corporation and IBM signed a strategic partnership agreement
News 1 July 2015 From left to right: Reetta Ristola and Matti Lehmus from Neste. Tuomo Haukkovaara and Raj Raichoora from IBM. Neste Corporation has chosen IBM to be its partner in renewing Neste Corporation's central enterprise resource planning solution.  Neste Corporation is executing a business process development program to harmonize key business processes globally.  Neste Corporation, which operates globally, is at the forefront of refining and renewable solutions. "Our objective is to be Baltic Sea downstream champion and to grow in the global renewable feedstock-based markets. This project is playing a key role in implementing our strategy.  With this program, we invest heavily in...
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