Code of Conduct – cornerstone of everything we do

We believe that ethical work is also successful work. Our goal is to operate ethically, with integrity, and in compliance with the law, always and everywhere. Bribery and corruption in any form are unacceptable in our business.

The internal control function supervises compliance with the principles and procedures related to the prevention and processing of misconducts.

The Code of Conduct guides daily decision-making

The purpose of Neste's Code of Conduct is to help our employees in their daily work and decision-making. The Code of Conduct helps everyone to perceive what kind of activity complies with our values and principles, without forgetting legal requirements. Neste employees can also learn about the rules via an interactive game.

The ethical guidelines guiding our operations:

Our responsibilities towards stakeholders

  • We operate with integrity with our customers, suppliers, and other business partners.
  • We provide our shareholders with good total shareholder return.
  • We ensure a fair working environment.
  • We are committed to the health, safety, and security of our people and others directly impacted by our activities, and to protecting the natural environment where we operate.
  • We live up to our responsibility for sustainability.

The way we operate

  • We act in compliance with laws and regulations, which we see as our minimum standards, and we expect our business partners to comply with all legal requirements as well.
  • We avoid situations where private interests might conflict with the company's interests.
  • Bribery and corruption in any form are unacceptable in our business.
  • We operate transparently and communicate openly with all our stakeholders.
  • As a company, we are not involved in political or religious activities, nor do we make  contributions to these types of activities.