The Board of Directors' shareholdings are shown in the table. Information on shareholdings cover Neste shares held directly, through organizations in which those concerned have a controlling interest, and in their capacity as trustees. Members of the Board of Directors do not receive any share related payments. Shares shown in the table have been acquired by Board Members at their own expense.

Shareholdings of the Board of Directors as of 31 December 2022

Member 2022 2021
Matti Kähkönen 13,080 12,310
John Abbott 374 -
Nick Elmslie 2,374 2,000
Martina Flöel 374 -
Just Jansz 374 -
Jari Rosendal 374 -
Eeva Sipilä 1,354 -
Johanna Söderström 3,374 3,000
Marco Wirén 3,537 3,000