Activities and duties

The Board shall have at least eight regular meetings annually, all scheduled in advance, with extraordinary meetings when necessary. Extraordinary meetings, if requested by a Board Member or the President and CEO, shall be convened by the Chair, or, if the Chair is prevented from attending, by the Vice Chair, or if deemed necessary by the Chair. The Board constitutes a quorum if more than half of its members are present. The Board is responsible for preparing an operating plan for itself for its period of office between Annual General Meetings, to include a timetable of meetings and the most important matters to be addressed at each meeting. The Board evaluates its performance annually to determine whether it is functioning effectively after the end of each financial year.


The Board’s responsibilities and duties are defined in detail in the Board’s Charter, see PDF in the side bar.

A member of the Board of Directors may not take part in decision-making in matters regarding (i) agreements between such member and any entity within the Neste Group, (ii) agreements between any entity within the Neste Group and third parties where such member has a material interest in the matter which may conflict with the interest of Neste or any other entity within the Neste Group, and (iii) agreements between any entity within the Neste Group and a legal entity which such member may represent, either individually or together with any other person; provided, however, that this point (iii) does not apply where the party contracting with Neste is a company within the Neste Group. The term ‘agreement’ as used here includes litigation or other legal proceedings arising from or relating to such agreements.

More information about the work of Board of Directors can be found in the Annual Report (PDF download).


Board Charter (pdf)

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