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Annual Report 2023

The Annual Report 2023 includes the Business review, Sustainability Report, Corporate Governance Statement, Remuneration Report, Review by the Board of Directors and Financial Statements.

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Neste creates solutions for combating climate change and accelerating a shift to a circular economy. We refine waste, residues, vegetable oils and innovative raw materials into renewable fuels and sustainable feedstock for polymers and chemicals.


Revenue, MEUR


Comparable EBITDA, MEUR


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Our renewable products helped reduce GHG emissions, Mt CO2e

For Neste, 2023 was a year of continuing implementation of our renewables growth strategy. Our focus was on ramping up major renewable growth projects and the continued strengthening of our global renewables feedstock platform. -Matti Lehmus, CEO of Neste
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Annual Report 2023

Neste is the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel and renewable feedstock solutions for the polymers and chemicals industry. The Annual Report 2023 describes Neste’s key events, sustainability and financial performance in 2023.

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Business Review

At Neste, we continue to lead the way towards a sustainable future. Our objective is to deliver outstanding value with renewable and circular solutions with a focus on growth and efficiency as outlined in our strategy, “Taking charge of change.”

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Sustainability is at the core of our strategy enabling our growth and purpose: Creating a healthier planet for our children. We provide our customers and partners with low-emission solutions to the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

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Corporate Governance

Neste observes good corporate governance practices in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to Finnish listed companies, the Company’s own Articles of Association and the Finnish 2020 Corporate Governance Code.

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Board review

Review by the Board of Directors for the financial year 2023, including key figures and the Non-Financial Information Statement.

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Financial Statements for the year 2023.

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