Information for Nominee Registered Non-Finnish-Resident Shareholders

Information for Nominee Registered Non-Finnish-Resident Shareholders:

According to the guidance given by the Finnish Tax Administration ("FTA"), stricter conditions are applied to withholding tax rates on dividends paid to nominee registered non-resident shareholders. 

If you are eligible for a lower withholding tax rate than 35% based on a double taxation treaty and a higher withholding tax is levied on your dividend, you can either apply for a so called quick refund from your custodian bank during the year of the dividend payment or you can apply for a withholding tax refund from FTA on a year following the dividend payment.

Link to new FTA guidance on nominee registered shareholders' withholding taxation:

Link to FTA guidance and forms on withholding tax refunds (individuals): us/contact-us/forms/ descriptions/application_for_ refund_of_finnish_withh

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