Renewable products

In order to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint we have developed Neste Renewable Diesel. Using Neste Renewable Diesel made from 100% renewable raw materials can result in 40 - 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions over its lifecycle when compared to petroleum diesel.

Advanced biofuels - our future today




We have become the leading producer of renewable diesel in the world, with an annual production volume of more than 2 million tons. We are also the world’s largest producer of renewable fuels from waste and residues. 

The renewable diesel we refine is classified as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), while the conventional biodiesel (FAME) has been made using the esterification process. The quality of Neste Renewable Diesel is superior compared to traditional biodiesels, and unlike biodiesel, the quality remains high even when the raw material change. 

From renewable diesel to renewable chemicals 

Neste Renewables presents us with interesting opportunities also outside of the traffic fuels segment. Renewable Neste Products can replace fossil feedstocks applications in the chemical industry, such as the production of renewable solvents and renewable plastics. 

Renewable solvents are a more environmentally friendly option to use in the production of such products as paints, glues, detergents, and cosmetics.

Waste and residues make up more than half of renewable raw material usage

Through our continuous efforts more than 10 different raw materials can be used today for the production of Neste Renewable Products. Also, we have significantly increased the share of waste and residues in our total renewable raw material usage.

Currently, more than half of our raw material usage is waste and residues such as waste animal fat or palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD). 

Our aim is to reach the capability to use only waste and residues in our renewable diesel production by 2017. 

Neste's efforts in sustainability have been recognized in various sustainability indexes and Neste has been on the Global 100 list of Sustainable companies for several years in succession.

Currently we produce Neste Renewable Diesel in Porvoo, Finland, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Singapore.