Third expansion of a fermentation plant for enzyme manufacturing

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Expansion of a fermentation plant for enzyme manufacturing

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Roal Ltd, a high-growth biotechnology company manufacturing industrial enzymes, wanted to expand their existing enzyme production plant in Rajamäki, Finland. Roal's enzyme production plant serves food, clothing, feed and pulp & paper processing industries globally.

Challenges Roal wanted to solve:

1. The increasing demand for biological catalysts

Roal wanted to answer the increasing demand for biological catalysts.

2. Suitable partner

Find a partner with know-how in engineering, cGMP standards as well as in process performance guaranteeing.

Neste Engineering Solutions has a strong competence in the planning of the biotechnical processes, which we appreciate a lot.

– Terry Doyle, Project Director, Roal Oy


Neste Engineering Solutions delivered the detailed engineering and execution services.


Neste Engineering Solutions

Neste Engineering Solutions