A modern LNG terminal to aid customer’s delivery operations / Article by Neste

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A modern LNG terminal to aid gas delivery operations

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Skangas, a subsidiary of Finland’s Gasum and Norway’s Lyse, produces and sells liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel for transport and industrial processes in the Nordic market. It takes feed gas, liquefies it for transportation and distributes it in specially designed trucks and ships to customer facilities, where the LNG is regasified or delivered as fuel via pipeline to end users.

  • The First LNG terminal

in Finland.

  • Over 80 M€

total investment cost.

  • 30 000 m3


Transport terminals are important to the Skangas business, because their customers are usually outside the national gas pipe grid. On Finland’s west coast, in the middle of the Nordic area, jazz town Pori is ideally situated for trade in hydrocarbons, as it features Tahkoluoto, a harbor specialized in oil and chemical freight.

3 challenges Skangas wanted to solve:

1) Global transportation

The transportation to customers outside the national gas pipe grid.

2) Integration of the terminal

Terminal integration to the site location.

3) Remote operation

High level of automation enabling even the possibility for remote operation.


Neste Engineering Solutions brought their comprehensive EPCM services, including their extensive knowledge of engineering for gas distribution, to the project.


Neste Engineering Solutions carefully tailored the technology and integrated the Skangas LNG terminal into the existing harbor infrastructure. Safety was built in from the first FEED conceptual model and was the highest priority throughout the project with extensive process risk evaluations and safety automation assessments guiding all aspects of the design. The project took two years and finished in 2016 and it was delivered within budget and on schedule.