The biorefinery is a "textbook example" of how modern company should operate resource-efficiently in the circular economy / Article by Neste


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Fintoil’s new biorefinery is a “textbook example” of how a modern company should operate resource-efficiently in the circular economy

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Early 2021 the Finnish bioneering company Fintoil Oy announced its decision to invest around EUR 100 million in the construction of a new crude tall oil (CTO) biorefinery in the Port of Hamina-Kotka, Finland. The 200,000 tonnes-per-annum plant has recently been granted environmental and construction permits. Once operational, by estimate in the summer of 2022, it will be the world’s third-largest CTO biorefinery. In addition to crude fatty acid, the distillation process separates rosin, pitch, sterol pitch, and turpentine, which are sold for further refinement to clients in the chemicals, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries.

Neste Engineering Solutions


  • The 3rd largest

CTO fractionation facility in the world.

  • 200,000 tonnes CTO

refined annually.

  • 400,000-ton

reduction in CO2 emissions, which equals roughly one percent of Finland's total emissions.

3 challenges Fintoil wanted to solve:

1. CTO fractionation plant efficiency and cost effectivity

Build the most modern and efficient CTO fractionation plant on the planet.  

2. One-stop Partner 

Find a one-stop partner that is able to deliver the technology as well as the plant, allowing Fintoil’s team to focus on business development. 

3. Create sustainable feedstock for advanced biofuels

Create innovative and cost-competitive CTO-based products meeting the sustainable feedstock requirements for advanced biofuels in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

“Feels great to get this ship sailing full speed. Despite the challenging times, our plans have advanced quickly. We have an excellent and open co-operation with Neste Engineering Solutions. We have been able to stick to our schedule and tight budget.“

Jukka Ravaska, CEO, Fintoil Oy


Neste Engineering Solutions Oy (NES) is a well-recognized company in the CTO industry. NES is delivering a license for its NEXPINUSTM technology, process design package (PDP), basic engineering, EPCM services, automation solution and proprietary equipment for the new Fintoil Hamina Oy plant.

Building information modeling image of the plans of a refinery

“Our refinery utilizes Neste Engineering Solutions’ patented NEXPINUS technology and it is a new exciting landmark project in the Crude Tall Oil industry.“

Jukka Ravaska CEO, Fintoil Oy