Fionn Ferreira is revolutionizing the fight against plastic pollution

Meet Fionn Ferreira, a young inventor and environmental activist from West Cork, Ireland.

Fionn Ferreira, a young inventor and environmental activist from West Cork, Ireland, is revolutionizing the fight against plastic pollution. At just the age of 18, his groundbreaking research on removing microplastics from water earned him the prestigious Google Science Fair Grand Prize in 2019.

Fionn’s invention was born from his early experiments with LEGOs and microcontrollers, which is a testament to how important the role of imagination and visionary thinking is in the innovation process. However, in order to make the vision a reality, you also need something else, things such as passion, grit, and commitment, which Fionn demonstrates in many ways. Fionn is also a sought-after speaker, ready to step onto the stage to advocate for a cleaner future and inspire audiences worldwide to do better, and in this way, prevent microplastics from entering the waters.

We asked Fionn about his views on creating a healthier planet, and this is how he answered.

How would you define a healthier planet?

A healthier planet is one where ecosystems thrive, biodiversity flourishes, and human activities harmoniously coexist with nature. It's a world where the air is clean, waterways are pure, and land is free from pollution. In this vision, sustainable practices are not just adopted but ingrained in the fabric of society, ensuring the well-being of all living creatures and the planet for generations to come.

What changes do you hope to see in the future?

I hope to see a future where sustainability is not an option but a default, where renewable energy powers our lives, and where waste is cleverly repurposed or eradicated. I envision communities actively engaging in conservation, industries prioritizing eco-friendly practices, and policies that robustly support environmental stewardship.

How can we humans do better?

We humans can do better by embracing a mindset of stewardship towards the planet, considering the environmental impact of our choices, and actively seeking sustainable alternatives. Education, awareness, and individual accountability are key, as is supporting and advocating for policies and practices that prioritize the planet's health over short-term gains.

At Neste we believe that all solutions are needed to create a healthier planet. What kind of greetings or encouragement would you like to send to others based on your beliefs

Neste's belief that all solutions are needed resonates deeply with me. I encourage everyone to recognize their power to effect change, no matter how small the action may seem. Collaboration, innovation, and persistence are crucial. Let's share knowledge, support sustainable choices, and inspire each other to act. Together, with a multitude of approaches and a collective commitment, we can forge a path to a healthier future. Remember, every step towards sustainability, no matter how small, is a step towards a healthier planet.

Watch below how Fionn reimagines the future:

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