Qiyun Woo is passionate about making climate science more accessible

Qiyun Woo is an environmentalist and content creator from Singapore

Qiyun Woo is an environmentalist and content creator from Singapore. Her mission is to make climate literacy more accessible and less scary via her online platform ‘The Weird and Wild’. The purpose of the platform is to advocate, educate, and engage people and communities on climate action.

Qiyun combines her technical expertise in sustainability, her wonder and awe for the natural world and the power of social media storytelling to show people why it matters to care for the planet and also climate issues from a Southeast Asian perspective. The Weird and Wild was born six years ago from the idea that nature is never pretty, nor tame, but it is wonderfully ‘wild’ and most definitely ‘weird’. Over the years, the platform has grown and developed, however, as Qiyun describes her project; “It still is an experimental space where one can fight for a healthier, safer future utilizing creative and diverse tactics of storytelling, such as delight, surprise, and advocacy”. Qiyun feels an immense privilege to have her voice heard via the platform she has built, and highlights the importance of keeping this space as a safe and inclusive one where everyone feels welcome and respected.

In addition to The Weird and Wild, Qiyun co-hosts an environmental podcast on Southeast Asia called Climate Cheesecake, which aims to break down complex climate topics into more digestible content. She is also a National Geographic Young Explorer, and as recognition for her work on climate topics, has been listed among 100 inspiring women for 2023 by the BBC.

We asked Qiyun about her views on creating a healthier planet, and this is how she answered:

How would you define a healthier planet?

A healthier planet is one where society relies less on fossil fuels and lives in ways that do not ignore our planetary boundaries.

What changes do you hope to see in the future?

I want to see and work towards a future where leaders and communities are bold enough to take action and do what is needed for a better world.

How can we humans do better?

We need to confront the scary realities of a climate-impacted world and be ready to make the necessary trade offs in order for us to thrive. Our current ways of working and living are fundamentally incompatible with a healthy planet.

At Neste we believe that all solutions are needed to create a healthier future. What kind of greetings would you like to send to others based on your beliefs?

The road to a healthier future requires difficult conversations, but if we approach the climate crisis with an urgent curiosity, I believe that we will be better able to confront these issues head on.

Qiyun's video on how she reimagines the future will be coming soon. Stay tuned for its release.

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