How can a transportation company start reducing its carbon footprint? / Article by Neste

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How can a transportation company start reducing its carbon footprint?

Global trends in the transport sector indicate that transport and logistics companies are now actively seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by their fleets. Many of the world's largest logistics companies have pushed sustainability targets into the very core of their strategy.

1. Analyse your current situation

Do you know what is the environmental impact of your business today? It is not possible to set meaningful improvement goals until the present state, for example your company’s carbon footprint, has been studied and analysed.

2. Identify cost-effective areas for improvement

Find areas and possibilities of change that will bring the greatest improvement to your business with little investment. For example, switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ can be done without any investment in equipment or staff training.

3. Embrace partnership and involve your partners closely in the change process

Change processes often tend to have better outcomes when more thinkers are involved in brainstorming, planning and executing the innovations. Keep in mind the three cornerstones of any development process: action, communication and collaboration. Involve your staff and partners in developing new solutions. Remember to keep everyone up to date through transparency and actively communicating about the project.

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