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Ensuring safe construction at the Neste Singapore Expansion Project during exceptional times

Neste's Singapore expansion project is moving forward with safety measures in the core.

The same as other construction projects in Singapore, the construction of Neste Singapore Expansion Project was suspended during the lockdown period in Singapore from April 2020 to early June 2020, which is locally known as the Circuit Breaker (CB). Fortunately, the COVID-19 situation has improved significantly in Singapore. Neste was able to resume its construction activities shortly after the CB.

At Neste, safety is the first priority of everything we do. Thus, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone who works for Neste Singapore Expansion Project, including Neste employees, our contractors and subcontractors, various measures have been put in place within and beyond local advisories.

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In order to protect everyone at the Expansion Project from COVID-19, we have built a dedicated full time team, whose main responsibility is to fulfil all authority requirements regarding housing, transportation and site activities. Following the local advisories, we have established a series of basic systems in order to minimize the risk of infection on site. This includes but not limited to making sanitations available for all workers on site; wearing masks working on site; monitoring everyone’s temperature twice a day; dividing workers in smaller groups working under different zones with staggered breaking periods; and no cross deployment between zones. On top of that, we have also set up additional systems in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who work for Neste Expansion Project. For example, we provide a doctor and a paramedic on site, who are able to provide timely medical care to our people, including how to deal with suspected COVID-19 cases and support the local authorities to conduct contact tracing on site in case of confirmed cases. At the end of 2018, Neste made the final investment decision on increasing additional renewable products production capacity in Singapore. The EUR 1.5 billion investment will increase Neste’s renewable products production capacity by up to 1.3 million ton/a and will give Neste more options to choose between different product solutions in the whole production system. Singapore Expansion Project will start operations in 2023. For more information regarding the project, please visit here.