Lauri Markkanen Nolla Cabin


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Lauri Markkanen held his first ever Q&A session at the Nolla cabin

We invited NBA star Lauri Markkanen to the Nolla cabin to explore a zero emissions staycation as an alternative to faraway travel destinations. Besides relaxing in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish nature, Lauri got to answer followers’ questions on his career, life and sustainable pledges on social media.

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What have you been working on this season to improve your game? - A bit of everything. Working on my body, shot and handles to start.

What’s the most difficult thing about living a sustainable and green lifestyle? - My NYE promise was simple: less waste in 2019. Plain and simple but not so easy to live by when traveling. Responsible choices are not commonly available everywhere. Hopefully more so in the future.

Are you afraid of your child’s future because of global warming? - Yes.

What's your favorite favorite superhero? - My favorite superhero is Captain America

Why did you pick number #24? - I chose the number because of the Kobe Bryant.

How often do you take a shower? - To be honest quite often. But never without a reason.

Are you happy? - Enjoying every second.

What’s your favorite food? - When it comes to food I am really simple. I just like chicken pasta with marinara sauce.

How do you feel about constant flying during the NBA season? - Traveling is just a part of our job and you can’t hide from it. I know it is not best for the environment but there are always other small things I can do to help the environment.

What do you change in your daily life to protect the environment? - Like I said, it’s the small things that matter. I gave up eating red meat and stopped buying things I don’t necessarily need.

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