Nolla cabin


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Renewable energy solutions power sustainable living at the Nolla cabin

When exploring ways to build a world with minimal emissions, clean energy solutions play a crucial role. For the Nolla cabin, located in the delicate archipelago, solar panels and Neste MY renewable diesel™ were the ideal choice.

The energy supply of the Nolla cabin is devised entirely from renewable sources: Fortum’s solar panels produce electricity and a stove by Wallas, reserved for cooking and heating, runs entirely on Neste MY Renewable Diesel™. The sun is a renewable energy source and solar panels have a life span of approximately 30 years, so investing in solar power will pay back in the long run – from both an environmental and a financial perspective. Contrary to general perception, solar panels generate energy even in cold and cloudy weather. Even in varying weather conditions, the annual energy supply only fluctuates around 5-10%.

Solar panels Neste

The sustainable and completely emission-free solar panels were a natural and ideal choice for the Nolla cabin, located on a sunny cliff in Vallisaari. The solar panels are installed on the northwest side of the roof to ensure effective exposure to the sun and therefore a maximal energy production. The panels do not generate noise, pollution or burden their surroundings in any other way. This is especially important as the cabin is located in a delicate and diverse natural habitat.

As creating open fire is strictly forbidden in Vallisaari, a sustainable solution for cooking had to be devised for the cabin. A Wallas stove, designed for sailing purposes proved the optimal solution for a cabin that has both a limited electricity supply and little space.

Interior design at Nolla Cabin Neste

The stove runs on Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, which is produced entirely from waste and residue and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. The stove can also be utilized for heating the cabin. As the Nolla cabin is essentially an experiment for how we could live more sustainably, the energy supply is designed to cover only the most essential needs such as lighting, cooking and charging handheld devices. The Nolla cabin inspires to live on less and focus more on enjoying the surrounding nature – a sustainable lifestyle powered by renewable energy.