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Sustainable Nolla cabin life, anywhere you want

In 2019 Neste organized an international competition where the winners were able to win the Nolla cabin blueprints, to build a sustainable Nolla cabin anywhere they wanted.

Nolla (zero) cabin is a prototype of a sustainable summer cottage, developed by Neste. The design of the Nolla cabin, envisioned by Robin Falck, is focused on minimizing CO2 emissions. Nolla is a part of Neste’s ongoing Journey to Zero concept that aims to bring the world closer to carbon-neutral living.

Planning nolla cabin / Article by Neste

In 2019 Neste organized an international competition where the winners were able to win the Nolla cabin blueprints, to build a Nolla cabin anywhere they wanted. The competition acquired a lot of entries, and we were able to witness amazing pictures and stories from around the globe.

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Build your own Nolla cabin

The design of the cabin was kept minimal and sustainable solutions were put into place wherever possible. We suggest using the following building materials:


In the Nolla cabin, namely spruce beams and pine veneer were used.


The cabin can be taken apart and put back together like a puzzle.

Solar panels

The solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy.

A mirrored surface on the other side of the roof

The surface reflects heat and helps create a cool space inside.

Polycarbonate for the window of the cabin

Fossil crude oil based feedstock can be replaced by Neste renewable feedstock in the production of polycarbonates.

Wallas stove (for cooking and heating)

The stove runs entirely on Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, made 100% from waste and residue.

The estimated price for the materials is approximately 10 000 €, not taking into account local variations in material costs.

Nature cottages / Article by Neste

Winners of the Nolla cabin blueprints

12 people from around the world were selected as the winners of the Nolla cabin blueprints. The winners got selected based on their entry picture and explanation of what they would use the cabin for.

The 12 winners are:

Location: Finland Jouni Vidqvist

Location: USA, California Dillon Behling

Location: Finland Maria Hammarén

Location: USA, New York Chris Graham

Location: Virgin Islands Kevin Diamond

Location: Italy Floortje Geuze

Location: Germany Maja Fodermeyer

Location: USA, California Janelle Pietrzak

Location: Portugal Matthias Guett

Location: Panama David Duguid

Location: USA, California Yelene Sophia

Location: Sweden John Cederquist

The Nolla cabin experiments and explores how we could live on less, whilst spending more time enjoying the nature around us. It aims to challenge and inspire visitors to live with a minimal footprint and give the chance to experience the results first hand.