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Value discussions

After launching our renewed values in early 2020, all teams at Neste were assigned to discuss the company’s values. During the launch and in team discussions we utilized video clips with Neste employees explaining the values and what they mean.



The idea behind discussions was to get a common understanding of what the values We care, We have courage and We cooperate mean to our employees and to each team at Neste. The discussions were completed mostly virtually. We also utilized a value discussion site and slide templates created for this purpose.

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Image: Value drops shared by our people

In addition, we encouraged each team and all Neste employees to post photos to our photowall in our intranet. The photos were called ‘value drops’ and represented our employees' value moments. The photos include a range of things – Neste people, teams working together, and also situations from everyday life where our employees think they can see Neste values in action. The idea behind the value drops was to demonstrate that drops form an ocean and all the drops, i.e. each of us, are needed to make a change. 

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