Why is Neste MY Renewable Diesel an excellent choice?


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Neste and Diesel Direct are Making Road Transport More Sustainable on the West Coast

What do you get when you combine the expertise of Diesel Direct West in delivering fuels, and the capacity of one of the world’s leading producers of renewable diesel? A breakthrough in the fuel supply chain that reduces GHG emissions from producer, to distributor, to customer.



Neste and Diesel Direct West (DDW) joined forces in March 2018 to pioneer the shift from traditional fossil diesel to low-carbon, renewable diesel along the West Coast. Together, we are using our collective skills and resources to reimagine the fuel supply chain and drive meaningful climate action right now. 

The U.S. relies on medium- and heavy-duty trucks to deliver 11 billion tons of goods every year, making it one of the fastest growing sources of climate pollution. Despite making up less than one-tenth of all vehicles on the road, medium- and heavy-duty trucks alone are responsible for almost a quarter of the transportation sector’s GHG emissions in the US. These vehicles are hard to electrify and have long lifespans, renewable diesel provides an immediate, today solution to reduce GHG emissions and pollutants from them.

“I knew it was going to be a really great partnership because of Neste’s forward-thinking focus and how they view the world, one gallon at a time. That stuck with us because we started this business with one truck, delivering one gallon at a time“

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of DDW

What we are doing

Diesel Direct West is delivering Neste MY Renewable Diesel to more than 700 unique customers along the West Coast per day.

75 DDW Trucks

Currently run on and deliver Neste My Renewable Diesel (nearly half of DDW’s California fleet).

11 dispatch facilities 

With service depots every 75-100 miles from San Diego to Portland.

108 million gallons of Neste MY Renewable Diesel delivered in 2021

Equivalent to making close to 200,000 passenger cars zero emission for a year  

108 million gallons of Neste MY Renewable Diesel delivered in 2021

The Perfect Match 

Diesel Direct has always had a “pure energy mantra.” As the demand for low-carbon alternative fuel continues to grow along the West Coast, DDW turned to Neste for a today solution to help its customers meet their ambitious ESG goals. DDW’s commitment to innovative technology, sustainable energy and high-quality fuel stems from the company’s mission: to create a better fueling experience. These values directly coincide with Neste’s own sustainability values, lending to a trusted and unique value chain. 

Neste has led the oil industry’s sustainability efforts, showing that there is a clear, profitable role the refiners can play in fighting climate change. Following the footsteps of Neste’s own Green Swan transformation, DDW is committed to increasing the accessibility of alternative fuels within the heavy-trucking industry, and is now a leading supplier of renewable diesel in the West Coast. Partnering with Neste was an easy yet significant step toward DDW’s sustainability goals, since both companies prioritize the wellbeing of future generations in their business models.

Neste supports DDW’s customer-driven focus and dedication to increasing its carbon handprint by helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint. Given our own commitment to helping businesses reach their climate goals faster, Neste is aligned with DDW’s mission to satisfy those itching for more access of low-carbon fuel options. With the help of Neste, DDW is always able to provide customers with accurate metrics for end-user carbon footprints.

Since the beginning of the partnership, the high-growth rate and strategy achieved together has been impressive, as Neste has gone from supplying DDW with 100,000 gallons of renewable diesel during the first month of partnership, to almost 13 million in February 2022.

“The message is clear - it’s a drop-in replacement because it IS diesel fuel. It meets every spec and exceeds every expectation.“

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of DDW

DDW is not only a wholesaler or broker, but a user of the product - in fact, some of the first 100,000 gallons that Neste had supplied to DDW were used in its own fleet. This true user experience allows DDW to educate potential customers  on the benefits of renewable diesel both from personal experience and existing customer testimonials, in addition to sharing the company’s own detailed service maintenance records. DDW is a last-mile user that knows what its carbon reductions look like, which is helpful to other companies considering switching from conventional fuel to renewable diesel.

“Being a fleet operator, we can share some service-related benefits from Neste MY Renewable Diesel. We know what our carbon reductions look like, and since we’re a user that is ‘last mile,’ we can share additional information about that which our customers find very helpful.“

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of DDW

With a proprietary system that tracks every asset, DDW is able to account for every gallon of renewable diesel delivered to each of its customers. This methodology is, in part, facilitated by Neste and supports both Neste and DDW’s dedication to providing accurate metrics from producer to recipient. This comprehensive data allows DDW’s customers to accurately track their own carbon footprint and see the real-time benefit of making the switch.

A smart and more sustainable way of fueling 

Trucking is an integral part of the U.S. economy and it is essential to our way of life. Major businesses and small corporations alike depend on long-haul trucks to keep their supply chains moving, and individuals rely on trucks to transport goods in a timely, convenient manner. 

This cycle of transporting goods via heavy-duty trucks is powered by harmful fossil fuels. With more than a 90% increase in CO₂ emissions since 1990, cleaner fuel alternatives must be implemented across trucking fleets in order to significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Fortunately, cities and businesses are waking up to the hidden costs of climate change and recognizing the need to keep this cycle moving, but with less GHG emissions. Better yet, Neste and DDW are equipped and ready to respond to this increasing demand for low-carbon alternatives.

Renewable diesel is a future-proof solution with a proven track record of delivering strong performance. Better yet, switching requires no new investments or modifications to equipment. Since heavy-duty trucks have a longer lifespan than light-duty passenger vehicles, renewable diesel can keep the wheels turning with fewer emissions, without disrupting our economy or convenience.

“Neste provided us with a drop-in replacement so that we don’t need to invest in new equipment. Neste MY Renewable Diesel has met and exceeded all our sustainability expectations.“

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of DDW

DDW has reduced its carbon footprint by converting its own fleet and switching 75 of its trucks to Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Those same trucks then deliver renewable diesel along the West Coast, contributing to DDW’s carbon handprint by helping its customers reduce their burn rates.  

Currently, 90% of DDW’s gallons sold go toward the last mile, where the majority of emissions are created due to the nature of short delivery, stopping-and-starting and heavy idle time. These are the types of customers with drivers and fleets that make a range of deliveries throughout the day - starting from a distribution center, which acts as a nucleus, and making it home every night due to the short-distance haul.

Creating a Green Corridor along the West Coast

With depots every 75-100 miles from San Diego to Portland, DDW can readily service these clients with Neste MY Renewable Diesel in a quick and convenient fashion, wherever and whenever their customers want it. DDW has experienced a significant reduction in carbon emissions from mobile fueling trucks that frequent these depots, as the amount of travel time to get to a fueling station and the amount of idle time spent at the pump have both decreased. Due to these benefits, customers fueling up with renewable diesel through DDW are also saving valuable trucking time that can be allocated elsewhere.

“We’ve been getting engines running consistently and more efficiently than before with fossil fuels. It’s really given us the results we’re looking for.“

Rafi Qadar, Driver Supervisor of DDW's Richmond Branch

The Past Versus the Present

The trucking and transportation industry’s value chain has changed rapidly over the last several decades to reflect the growing demand for cleaner energy sources. 

With the help of Neste, DDW is accelerating the adoption of alternative fuels within the heavy-trucking industry. With over 200 dedicated assets along the West Coast, DDW’s partnership with Neste is changing the landscape of energy consumption by reducing emissions from each step of the supply chain. 

While synthetic lubricants and petroleum products aren’t new, DDW has been able to supply its customers with renewable diesel thanks to Neste's role of introducing it in large quantities, further reducing emissions from the fuel supply chain. Fuel customers in California and Oregon are demanding low-carbon solutions for their trucks. By choosing to fill up with DDW and Neste, these customers now have the confidence to say they are making a difference by making the sustainable choice, which is reflected in the up to 75% GHG emission reduction per mile they drive.

“All our trucks are running more efficiently now than ever before, and things are looking so much better. We’ve had no issues with transitions and we don’t smell anything. It’s a lot cleaner than regular fuel and my customers are so much happier now.“

Rafi Qadar, Driver Supervisor of DDW's Richmond Branch

Though still present on the West Coast’s horizons, the smog from diesel exhaust was much stronger a few decades ago than it is today. As DDW expands into new geographies, it has found that more and more customers know about and want more availability of renewable diesel. Most large corporations, especially those headquartered or operating in California, are increasingly invested in contributing to a circular economy. Together, Neste and DDW and working to match this growing demand for sustainable solutions.

Neste and DDW are pioneering the road transport industry’s adoption of more sustainable practices. As heavy-duty trucking remains at the forefront of commercial transportation, it is imperative that the industry makes strides to significantly reduce GHG emissions today and decarbonize the fuel supply chain. Neste supports DDW’s mission to accelerate the phase-out of fossil diesel in the heavy-duty trucking industry, as both companies work to educate and inform their customers of the significant and immediate climate benefits renewable diesel has to offer. 

Because of the trust that Neste and DDW have established with customers throughout the West Coast, this unique value chain can be easily replicated in other markets where renewable fuels are available. As DDW looks to expand further north into Washington state, customers will feel confident making sustainable and informed decisions, backed by a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction. Partnerships such as this have the power to transform the landscape of the entire trucking industry for broader, cleaner horizons and a brighter future for our communities.

“With our national reach, we only see this partnership with Neste growing further…one gallon and one state at a time.“

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of DDW